Convert books (PDF and paper)
into E-books and Editorial-XML.
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IsakoStudio(r) is used to convert an important part of the scientific articles and books published on-line by the scientific portal to its Editorial-XML.
IsakoStudio(r) is used to convert fiction and non-fiction books of Editions Gallimard to Editorial-XML, EPUB and PDF-WEB.
  IsakoStudio® Conversion System

For use by Publishers and Service Providers
to convert books to E-books and to Editorial-XML:
• Digitize books for multi-format Electronic Publishing.
• Produce a rich and accurate Editorial-XML version of your books.

A high-end solution
Developed by ISAKO©, IsakoStudio® application is a standards-compliant high-end solution to a continual industry challenge: converting books (and periodicals, journals etc...) from a single format to a rich and accurate Editorial-XML and to popular E-book formats such as EPUB , AZW, XHTML and more. .



IsakoStudio® is a solution of ISAKO







Books to Ebooks

    • Mars 2002
      Isako(c) converts business and medical contents of publishers, corporate and institutions. Output is often the client's proprietery XML. The need for advanced automation becomes clear.

    • Mars 2004
      Isako(c) starts converting scientific contents to a Editorial-XML to be published on-line by the portal. The conversion system used has a rule-based architecture that is very adequate for periodicals where minimum configuration is needed only once for a large number of issues having similar layout.

    • July 2008
      Isako(c) starts converting fiction and non-fiction books for publishers who start selling EBooks. The rule-based architecture is not the ideal solution. Isako's R&D starts working on the next generation of conversion system where huristics and statistics will replace the rule-based architecture. The codename of the system is IsaShop and it is built from scratch as a complete software platform intended to be sold and licensed to partners.

    • 4 December 2009
      Isako(c) annonces the IsakoStudio(r) conversion system. It is used by ISAKO to provide conversion services since September 2009.

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